Wyen Solo was born in East London on January 6th 1989, and it’s fair to say a star was born that day.

The youngest child of two older brothers, Wyen was never one to be ignored or to live in anybody’s shadow.

Wyen spent her first four years in London where she attended St Mary’s primary school before her mother decided to take her to Leeds to continue her education at Osmondthorpe primary school.

From a young age family, friends and teachers noticed a star quality in Wyen, having always been on her karaoke machine singing along to some Whitney or Mariah, always being the first to get up and sing to a crowd at a family party, or be teaching the other children dance routines in the playground, it was no secret there was something special about this young lady.

Growing up listening to a variety of music such as blues, reggae, country and classic Motown, Wyen was no stranger to different genres of music.

After completing a high school education at Temple Moor Science college and attending college to study music performance, Wyen was ready to spread her wings and let her voice be heard.

In 2011 Wyen wrote and released her first UK single Smile, which went on to be featured on Universals R&B Love Songs collection alongside the likes of Usher, R. Kelly, Jay Z, and Jazmine Sullivan and many other artists who Wyen has admired for years.

She went on to feature on another Universal compilation with her heartfelt track Take Your Time, written to a then partner about how she felt about the state of their relationship.

After having a taste of success and recognition there was no stopping the R&B songstress, and she decided she would settle for nothing less than greatness.

Wyen went on to open for Tinie Tempah, and perform all around the UK. After seeing the reactions to her old school R&B melodies, honest lyrics and unforgettable performances, she decided to take a step back and begin working on writing her début EP.

It was only a matter of time before Miss Solo was missing the adrenaline rush of the stage, and she began doing backing vocals and writing for some highly respected and established artists, like the Scissor Sisters, Alexandra Burke and Eliza Doolittle.

In 2013 Wyen worked alongside Alexandra Burke on her EP New Rules, and experience that was fulfilling and enjoyable.

Having a passion for R&B music and being a fan of old school R&B Wyen continues to write her album. Having taking time to research and listen to some of her idols such as Brandy, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Stevie Wonder, she is now ready to give her project her all and show the world exactly what she has to offer.

“I was put on this earth to entertain and make people smile, and I will not, shall not stop until I fulfil my duties! As I always say, a dream is only a dream until you live it.”